Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Buy Cocaine Online USA , We are quite careful about our customer’s privacy. Client’s confidentiality is one of the most important factors for us. We, US Legit Drug Store, have created our customer privacy policy in such a way that our client’s personal details that are given to us are safe and protected. Prior to giving any personal information on our website, read our privacy policy first. Buy Cocaine Online USA

We require some information from you to make our service customer friendly. You have to provide those through filling a form. Don’t be worried! Your details will be secured. Our privacy policy will make it clear how the details are to be utilized.

What we need from our customers

We never use cookies and that’s why we collect a few important details of our customers. These are for the improvement of our services. Following are the details that we need:  Buy Cocaine Online USA

Name of the customers


Contact Details

Email Id

These are highly beneficial for us to inform the customers about the service and status. But, these are not to be use for any promotional purpose.

How these details are use, maintained and protect

Some banking details are also need. No need to be worry! We follow extreme precautions for protecting the details.

We never discuss these with third parties. But, if there is any problem with delivery, then only we share these. Only selected persons have access to these. Details are protect in our database which is scan with antivirus.

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